Wen-Do(Self-Defense Art of Women Training)

  • 2012/12/10

“Wen-Do (Self-Defense Art for Women) Training”Subsidized by Avon Products Co., Ltd.
As part of our Campaign on“Say No to Violence against Women”

Avon Products Co., Ltd. continues its generous support to the Japan National Committee for UN Women in 2011 as part of its commitment to UN Women’s Campaign on “Say No to Violence against Women”.

According to a research conducted by the Dept. of Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office of Japan, one woman out of three has been subjected to violence from spouses and partners. Among the younger generation, the so-called “date DV” emerged as one of the serious problems facing them. In short, in Japan too, violence against women is a big challenge for all of us.

This year, the Japan National Committee decided to subsidize training sessions on Wen-Do (self-defense art for women). Wen-Do is a self-defense art first developed in Canada and provides practical skills to fight against molesting, sexual harassment, date DV, domestic violence and sexual assault. Wen-Do aims at making women aware of their ability and strength as well as become more assertive through equipping them with necessary information and practical skills.

From June 2011 to March 2012, 44 Wen-Do sessions will be conducted throughout Japan. We believe that this invaluable opportunity for women and girls including students from junior high schools will deepen their understanding on violence against women and offer them practical skills to defend themselves.

Some of the sessions will take place in areas severely affected by the earthquake on 11 March 2011. Other sessions will be specifically targeted for mentally handicapped women and their supporters.

We are sincerely grateful to Avon Products Co., Ltd. for enabling us to undertake this important initiative, which, we believe, is in accordance with the United Nations’ “UNiTE to End Violence against Women” campaign.

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